Connectleads Review

Ready To Boost Your Leads From Your Facebook While Crushing Costs?

With Our Latest Ad App And Facebook's Innovation,
You Can Get More Leads List Added To Your ...
While Also Saving Time and Money!
Introducing .

Taking Lead Generation on Facebook To Entirely New Levels!

Add new subscribers to your email lists                                          
automatically and dynamically
directly from inside Facebook using Lead Ads!

Feed new subscribers into your autoresponder and funnel instantly,
with no additional work needed
via Facebook!

Fully integrates your Facebook ad account and autoresponders for maximum efficiency
No wasting time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder, etc. ConnectLeads handles it all!

Cloud-based Software 
Nothing to download or install. Use via any web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

And more!

With ConnectLeads, you will
Skyrocket your ROI while slashing lead costs…

Save countless hours of time
Increase profit while boosting productivity!


Now that Facebook has unveiled its awesome new lead-generating technology with FB Lead Ads (see below), it’s time to raise your A-game!

ConnectLeads gives you an easy-to-use system to build your subscriber lists automatically on Facebook via its hot new Lead Ad feature.

No need to be a Facebook ads expert, hire outsourcers or spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on dedicated apps. With ConnectLeads, you will have everything you need!

Now, virtually any business can leverage Facebook ads to the max!

With NO technical experience or special knowledge needed.

(Check out the demo further down this page to see exactly how it works!)

If you haven’t yet noticed by now…

Getting leads via the “old school”
ways just gets harder every day…
Especially when it comes to mobile users!

Research shows that mobile users are typically not willing
to type in their email address to subscribe to a list or receive an offer

Even if they really want it!

Worse, they may still “click” on an ad even though they likely won’t subscribe

thus increasing overall ad costs while eroding opt-in rates!

Research also shows that mobile users will gladly “tap” to subscribe or access an offer, without any manual data entry beyond those actions!

ConnectLeads helps you leverage FB’s 
mobile traffic, with total ease!

Not yet familiar with FB Lead Ads or how they work?

Here are just some of the ways companies and

marketers are leveraging Facebook Lead Ads!

Facebook Lead Ads provides a simple, effortless way for users to respond to ads that interest them.

With no extra steps!

Yet, despite this incredible power that Facebook gives you with Lead Ads, there’s just one problem…

The subscriber data from Facebook is exported to you via a .csv file, which you have to download via your ads manager.

Then, you have to upload that new subscriber data to your autoresponder to get the new leads properly added to your subscriber list.

Needless to say, this can add significant time, workload and increase risk of human error.

Now let’s take a look at how ConnectLeads resolves this,
while maximizing the power of Facebook Lead Ads, with intelligent automation!

ConnectLeads interfaces directly with your autoresponder via Facebook’s Ad platform API

Evolve your marketing to take advantage of the latest
innovations, or continue to see diminishing returns.
Unfortunately, most marketers spin their wheels and bleed resources, desperately trying to build lists the old school ways. It’s futile, resulting in lost time, wasted opportunities and plunging sales.

Make no mistake, getting quality leads is the lifeblood to any business.

Let’s face another fact:

ConnectLeads is 100% Facebook-approved

This app had to withstand Facebook’s rigorous standards and security requirements in order to gain access to the API for its advertising platform.

This puts ConnectLeads in a select group of only a handful of third-party applications who have passed muster with Facebook for its advertising API.

In fact, at the present time, only a scant few other provider offers this kind of functionality via Facebook’s API, and their minimum cost starts at $300 per month.

This makes ConnectLeads an even greater value to your business.

Giving you the edge that your competition simply doesn’t have, or even knows about (yet)!